Goddess Clay Collection

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The Goddess' are here to heal you! The Goddess Clay Collection features some of the best clay from all around the world, just like the different goddesses from each worldly deity. In this collection you will find Freya's French Kiss, Gaia's Green Garden, Sol's Gold, and Medusa's Magic Mud. Also, in this collection is our 6oz Bulgarian Rosewater, used to mix with each of the clay masks.


Freya's French Kiss

Ingredients: French Rose Clay, Kaolin Clay, Rhassoul Clay, and E.O of Rose & Geranium

Gaia's Green Garden

Ingredients: French Green Clay ( French Green Clay is actually made by decomposed plants, the green color is natural)

Sol's Gold

Ingredients: rare Yellow Clay, Gold, & Mango Extract

Medusa's Magic Mud

Ingredients: Bentonite Clay, Charcoal, & Strawberry Extract

Bulgarian Rosewater

Ingredients: 100% Pure Bulgarian Rosewater with Cucumber Extract



Made exclusively for Needle Me Now by Beauty Kitchen.