Common Q&A's about Dermarolling with Needle Me Now

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Beginner at dermarolling? Maybe have tried a dermaroller before, but weren't very consistent? Looking for a new brand to discover? Well, here are some quick common questions you might have!

Q: What is dermarolling ?

A: Dermarolling is using a dermaroller to gently create micro channeled punctures to the skin, creating a natural reaction from the body to send fibroblasts of collagen and elastin to the area. This is called, collagen induction therapy, or CIT. Similarly, the way your body produces scabs to heal a wound or cut.

Q: What is the purpose of dermarolling?

A: Dermarolling has many benefits including fading scars and discoloration, stretch marks, as well as diminishing lines, pores, and aging skin. It also stimulates hair regrowth! You can dermaroll in any area of your body, however, dermarolling is considered a treatment, and should be done with extreme caution and proactiveness. 

Q: How does your kit work compared to other brands?

A: Great question! Our kits are designed to aid you in having the most calming and soothing #needlenight possible. We know it seems scary to have this pinwheel looking device anywhere near your face, but trust us the results are FABULOUS! We don't think dermarolling needs to be frightening or painful so we thus created our kits with amazing organic products that support and nourish the skin pre and post care. Most of our competitors include skincare that is too full of actives and though that skincare is probably great, mixing active ingredients while doing a dermarolling treatment, is not recommended. 

Q: How often can I use my dermaroller?

A: We recommend choosing only one night a week (needle night) that works best for you. Using a dermaroller more than once a week can lead to more harm then good if your body doesn't have the proper time to heal.

Q: So what do I get in my Dermarolling Kit?

A: All of our kits come with the 3 step treatment. Our Bulgarian Rosewater to prep and hydrate the skin, a .5 dermaroller, and our Healing Rose and Aloe Gel Mask to seal and heal those micro channels. We also include a black wooden wedding fan for extra relaxation and cooling. Our Deluxe Kit includes one of our aloe gel and camellia seed oil lip masks of your choice, so you can dermaroll your lips as well. 

Q: What is the difference between dermarolling and micro needling?

A: Dermarolling and Microneedling are both great and similar. Though micro needling is amazing, we recommend you see a licensed professional for this type of deeper, more intensive CIT. Although, it looks like you could easily use that type of handheld machine, there are a lot of risks when you perform more intermediate types of treatments. Microneedling pens are for intermediate levels and some even argue if it's to be done in a home use setting at all. Dermarolling, however, is a great option for home use and maintenance treatments in between facials. Predominantly, a dermaroller will have 192 to 540 needles on a roller. You will be looking for staggered rows of needles for an even distribution of pressure. The material used that is best recommended is Titanium needles, which our dermarollers are made of! :)

Q: Who shouldn't use a dermaroller or any CIT therapy for that matter?

A: DO NOT USE IF YOU HAVE ACTIVE ACNE! Dermarolling is great for getting rid of acne scars, but do not roll over any active breakouts! This will spread the bacteria and make your acne and skin worse!

DO NOT USE IF YOU ARE PREGNANT/AND OR BREASTFEEDING! This treatment is known for using your tricking your body into sending nutrients to rebuild your skin. You don't want to do this treatment if you are already sending nutrients to a baby. Some women have felt faint and lightheaded from performing CIT and some have reported less milk production. Although, many professionals say it's okay to do this while pregnant, we advise otherwise.  

DO NOT USE IF YOU HAVE DIABETES OR AN AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE! While some professionals give the ok , we advise otherwise. Please research and ask your primary doctor if CIT is right for you. 

Q: I want to start dermarolling, but I am still confused how it all works?

A: Thats totally understandable. We would rather you be educated on how to accomplish the most successful treatment for yourself then to rush into uncharted territiores. If you are needing more information on How To use our kits, please watch our How To done by one of our supporting estheticians, where she thoroughly goes through all of our steps. 


Hope that answers some of your most common questions! 

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The Needle Me Now Team


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