Needle Me Now's Holiday Restock!

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As we know, the holidays are approaching faster and faster! And with so much going on in the world right now, finding the perfect gift has never been more pressuring than present day! How do we show this person ( selective persons that have thus made it to 2021, we are assuming) that we truly adore and appreciate their presence in our lives? How do we budget, yet give a gift of quality and importance. 

We understand this and are here to help! That's why with this restock, dropping 11/9, we have prepared to give you holiday bundles that are sure to make anyone who receives our products, smile from ear to ear.

Bundle Highlights to look forward to!

Our Holiday Lip Mask Collection is an amazing buy if you are looking to give multiple stocking stuffers to different friends.

Our Holiday Chocolate Collection is the perfect warm and delicious chocolatey treat for a special person that will surely make them melt!

And of course our any of our Dermarolling Kits!! Swoon! Ahh!

We hope you guys are just as excited as we are for this drop! See you at checkout!

Happy Holidays,

The Needle Me Now Family

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